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Let’s face it, in life we get into situations that might be quite embarrassing. One such incident could be aptly captured by you facing the specter of spending an unnerving time in jail. This is a though that many people brush off – it could not happen to me – being the underlying theme in such a though process. However be assured of one thing, life happens, and the possibility that you could get yourself in such a logjam is quite possible. A cursory look at the facts might convince you otherwise. You may also visit our offices in Temple City.


Most arrests (the article is alluding to an arrest on a misdemeanor charge) are on counts of alleged domestic violence cases; driving under the influence or whilst drunk; larceny (acts such as shoplifting); and even jay walking (being arrested for allegedly wandering aimlessly, with motives that would appear to be rather suspect within the CBD). These are but some of the challenges that come with urban living, and when you run afoul of any of these laws, you need someone to stand in your corner as you prepare to mount a legal defense. Such an entity is personified in a professional Bail Bond Agency.


If you are in the Sierra Madre, CA area, and then you best friend in such a time comes in the package of   the sole bail bonds entity in this domicile. This licensed, local, bail bond agency is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet you at your point of need. It is important to note that this professional bail bond entity offers bail to all shades of individuals who have been incarcerated – whether one is being held at the local Sierra Madre Police Station jail, or one is being held at the Sheriffs local jail, or even the LA County jail – our reach travels far and wide within the state. Prior to getting bonded however an individual will be subjected to a back ground check that essentially assures that one is not a high flight risk. This scanning is possible courtesy of deploying software that is linked to county, state, and national databases on individual identities.


If one passes the scan, then matters are a breeze from here. Your application for bail and the processing of this bail can be posted by our entity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is important to note that from the time your bail begins being processed in the criminal justice system, it will take an average of some 30 minutes to 3 hours before you are actually released. Our bond agreements are 100% confidential. We have financial professionals who will work out on the terms of payment in a way that does not exploit you, what is more our years of experience guide us on how to walk with you during this distressing period in your life. Our agents are friendly, conversant with the cultures in the wider Sierra Madre region- including the ability to speak Spanish, and offer fast service. For more information on the politics of bail bonds, call us today.