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Bail Bonds Sierra Madre is a first-class bail bonds company which runs with the sole objective to serve the clients with the most dependable and fastest services. We are proud to serve the people of Southern California with the best of services and make sure that your loved ones are released as soon as possible. We have been in this business for many years, and have completely understood the judicial system of California. Here, at Bail Bonds Sierra Madre we assist the acquaintances and families to deal with the difficult times, while their close ones are in custody.

What is a bail bond?

A Bail bond is simply a legal document, by which a person accused of a crime and arrested, is released from the judicial custody. Bail bonds have all the clauses mentioned and also states the bail amount that was settled between the defendant and the arresting authority.

The amount charged for receiving the bail, solely depends on the type of crime the defendant is accused of, and is set in accordance to the current LA County bail schedule. After a person is released on bail, it is their duty to arrive at court for all the scheduled hearings without a fail. Going back to the minute bail is set, the defendant needs to make an immediate contact with his family or acquaintances and arrange for bail. After the entire amount has been set, the defendant needs to contact us, a local bail agency, to get the process completed as per law.

Most bondsmen charge a fee of 8-10% of the total amount of the bail, after completing the settlement. In some cases, the bail bondsman may also ask for collateral. Once the court clears the criminal case and the obligations are fulfilled by the defendant, the process is completed and the collateral is given back to its owners.

Why should you choose us?

We at Bail Bonds Sierra Madre are proud to be one of the leaders in this industry and have provided many high-profile successful bailouts to keep up our prestige. Bail Bonds Sierra Madre never compromises its integrity or the trust that our clients have in us. Our agents are extremely skilled at their work, and will understand your problems and will certainly serve your needs. We are available all day long, 365 days a year and in case you require assistance and we are also ready to discuss any issues free of charge.

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We fully licensed and bonded agency and knows how to get a bail bond approved from the Pasadena Police Station, in less than an hours’ time!

More about Bail bonds

There are three possible options for release of an accused after the person has been arrested. Firstly, Surety Bond in which you purchase a bond and pay a fixed amount or fee, and in most cases with no collateral. Secondly, the defendant may be released on Own Recognizance, which is usually not the cases in felony charges. This occurs when a judge or watch commander decides to release the defendant on their Own Recognizance. Thirdly, cash bond in which you pay the entire amount of the bail without our services (if you have a large amount of cash on hand).
Our paper work only takes between 15-30 minutes in most cases. The time for which the person is released completely depends upon the jail staff and other such factors. Bail Bonds Sierra Madre make sure that the defendant is released within the minimal possible time.